Tuesday, May 10th was probably the most enigmatic. Trend Unions, Lidewig Edelkoort, held a presentation dedicated to trend forecasting for fall 2012 and winer 2013. What will be in fashion and what the consumer wants are very important and no one can predict the future. Only a team of highly knowledgeable fashion industry workers can really break the silence in their research and skill pertaining to this. This group is responsible for consulting, holding seminars, exhibitions, and forging magazines. They “travel to share messages with people everywhere” says Edelkoort. They want to share, explain, and interact with people.

Lidewij Edlekoort

First, Lidewig Edelkoor began to describe the “problem” of retail and the shopping experience. With the Internet and technology bombarding our lives it is easier for us to shop online and ignore the brick and mortar delights. Hence, Edelkoor proposed the “Reinvention of Retail for the 21st Century”. They believe the industry needs to “get customers back into the stores”. Thus, they have come up with 20 concepts of what a store should be and will be according to social, personal, and economical needs. She also coined the term “mood marketing” and the need to re-establish the needs of consumers and invent a NEW surrounding. It seems they feel that people are going to return to their natural states, war worldly elements such as water, earth, rocks, and technology are going to prevail over our retail and shopping experiences. I guess I now have the upper hand with this knowledge. Take a look of what 2013 will hold:

Sanctuary: A place of worship, quality, and a calm peacefulness. Contemporary, plush, industrial, and texture.

Spiritual Experience: A light airy feel. Pale color palette, forming shapes, meditation and white.

Eco: A place of sustainable style and life. Bio textiles, clean energy sources, contemporary, felting, natural/non-dyed, subtle colors, linen, flannels, and knits. “Connection to animals doesn’t have to have animalistic qualities”.

 Re-Luxury: Luxury will reach out to other domains. It’s becoming tacky to show off. Humble, cashmere, contemporary, beautiful amazing quality, and quite colors with hints of green

 Streaming: For a person who spends more money on technology. Futuristic, contemporary, gadgets, urban, designing fashion for technology, sneaker design, athletic, silver, super lightweight fabrics, jackets, and zippers.

[If find Streaming to be quite interesting because technology is growing vastly. The fact that people will and certainly already are asking for clothing to mix with it is somewhat scary. Technology has taken over paperbacks, communication, visual aspects, marketing, and now fashion? I wonder exactly how fashion will be impacted through technology it’s a whole new world.]

Monomind: The Shirt. Efficiency, quality, functionality, give them everything, environment looks like shirting, and shirting prevails.

On-Line Shopping: Trend that is important. Visual, linear, graphic, black and white, and online tailoring.

Boyfriend: Androgynous is favorable. Suiting for him and her. 30’s70’s colors, casual materials, tweed, some dull, accessories: notebooks.

General Store: Embracing the “Pioneer General Store”. Sturdy cloths, humble environment, comfortable, food, yardage sold in stores, lumberjack, classic colors, and all American denim.

Army and Navy: Culturally relevant. Function, innate sense of style, sturdy, cheap, reliable, camouflage colors and prints, army green, great detail, nature, natural blue, uniform, and structure.

Vagabond: Poverty/Homelessness. Free sense of style, pilling, pulling, mixing and match, hobo, dirty, ripped clothing, recycled, patchwork, and toxic waste colors

Do it yourself: Finical crisis. Putting all elements together, trash colors, vibrant, unique, one of a kind, threads, yarns, embroidery, and Japanese influence.

Caravan: Ethnic cleansing to focus on local regional products lead to minority groups. Combine textiles from around the world. Nomadic, gypsies, rich color, and exotic/bold patterns.

Scarves: Sign of status and great design. Simple, prints, flowing influence, narrative, humor, men and woman.

Bloom: Magazines prevail. Have their own store; environment looks like nature, flowers, prints, arts and crafts, kimono, Japan culture, stitching, hair fibers, graphic and abstract.

Theater: Drama is created in everyday life. Velvet, heavy in history and culture. Pirate like, Haute Couture like, costume, modern people, circus, late 19th century, dramatic, staging oneself, greens, yellows, burgundies, and reds.

Moving Image: Graphic projections of objects. Immaterial, movies, cinema, blurred movement, diffused patterns, flowing smudged makeup, black and white, deep night blues, Paris, emotion is fashion imagery being shown, and floating

Noir: Everything is black. Design, items, chic, classic, extreme texture, shapes, and over stitching.

Bordello: Lounge and browse all together. Luxury, beauty, sex, imagination, desire, eroticism, sexual art, fragrance, ribbons, jewelry, romantic, powdery pinks, purples, pastel, and detail.

Marriage: A trend and its beauty. Style, attention, all white, dressy, contemporary, gold icing, flowers, creative, privacy, and intimacy.

Another great topic mentioned was the emergence of fashion movies for marketing. They feel that this is going to explode in the industry. We have already witnessed this in many ways such as H&M’s collaboration with Lanvin. I have to ask myself the question as to why consumers are responding so well to these fashion movies and why they will be successful. I think it is because the consumers are constantly bombarded with visual stimuli which is boring to them and the industry needs a more creative outlet to reach to their clients.

Madonna H&M 2007

Prada SS 2011